About us 

Audio Labb Studios is a Barbadian audiovisual Enterprise dedicated to the growth of  Entertainment and its positioning on the World stage. Audio Labb Studios is a trendy music and video recording studio with talented professional song writers, singers, composers, mix/mastering engineers and video producers. We have successfully built a strong reputation in the creative arts community and international community in technical areas of audio and video productions, working with international companies such as ESPN, NBC, The BBC, Caribbean Film Production Ltd, and  Sony Music. It is our mission to hear your idea and see your vision. 

For the past few year we have seen a growing trend of new streaming, downloading and live performing services that has opened up the market for more new opportunities that can be of significant value for the growth of the cultural industry. With technical support teams in the digital media sector, these new online services can helps us to create new sectors of employment and development for new products and services, Audio Labb Studios is positioning its focus on these areas to build and expand its brand and positioning to the global network.


About the Intertune Music Project 

Intertune Music project was conceptualized by Teddy Calderon, Director of Audio Labb Studios to create a hub for highly talented artistes. Intertune Music originated as a community development project based in Barbados and has since catapulted to encompass the global community. It attracts singers, songwriters, composers, dancers, music and video producers committed to the creation of a dynamic portfolio of song and video works. It also actively enlists skills and services offered by makeup artists, hairstylists and fashion designers who play a critical role shaping outputs. Project coordinator Teddy Calderon functions as executive music producer and actively recruits new talent, matching them with songwriters, singers, video producers and dancers to generate timeless masterpieces.


The production of the series of pieces stimulates cultural development while creating new business opportunities. Audio Labb Studios as the facilitator of this project seeks to attract business investments for the development of this initiative. Outputs will include a 24-hour digital streaming platform and a series of cultural development programs. The development programs ensure growth and sustainability of the creative industry by sharing knowledge, ideas and opportunities between emerging and seasoned professionals.


  •   Create collaborative opportunities for top talent

  •   Generate a portfolio of high quality songs and videos

  •   Facilitate the transfer of knowledge among creative professionals through

    educational and training opportunities

  •   Create employment opportunities for professionals across sectors

  •   Identify avenues for capital investment to support sustainability of Intertune Music

  •   Continuously develop and export dynamic and unique cultural projects


    The creative arts community has always drawn creative practitioners and producers together. However, with the advent of the Digital Era, entertainment content and the scope of collaboration have evolved at a never before seen pace. Creative practitioners from across the globe now have almost instant access to diverse content. However, a void is evident in the connectivity of creative professionals. Arising from this need and the untapped opportunity to connect creative professionals, Intertune Music was born. Originally designed as an avenue to foster cooperation between practitioners in Barbados on key projects, it has rapidly expanded. Global interconnectedness quickly prompted the inclusion of arts and cultural contributors from across the world who sought to dedicate their unique skills to quality projects. The Intertune Music project allows streamlined connectivity of diverse practitioners who work together with corporate entities seeking to enhance their brand image.


Intertune Music pursues creative persons keen on collaborating on audio visual outputs as it coordinates projects and campaigns. Outputs include songs, video and dance productions which are often combined into larger scale productions. Intertune Music remains committed to including new creative practitioners who seek to learn the creative industry while growing their personal brands and businesses. The collaboration fosters creativity and teamwork as the overarching needs of investors and target markets are met. Intertune Music facilitates an unmatched exchange of knowledge and expertise for the creation and sale of award winning songs, videos and dance choreography.


The commercial and developmental prospects for Intertune Music productions are boundless. It not only allows business and brand development of creative practitioners it also has marked appeal in the corporate sector. It presents vast opportunities for product exposure, advertisements, capital investment, live performance events and tax incentives across international markets. It also supports social development by strengthening community partnerships and promoting cultural exchanges on a local and international level. Intertune Music seamlessly facilitates connectedness of creative practitioners, and socio-cultural development programs while advancing brand development and profitability of those involved.


Contact us:Barbados 246-251-7406 or UK +44 07377514878

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